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The Paneuropean Union in Finland

The Finnish Section of the International Paneuropean Union promotes European Integration on the basis of the Paneuropean ideas of the Austrian Count Richard Nicolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894–1972).

The first Paneuropean society in the country was founded in 1930 with Hjalmar Procopé, then Minister of Foreign Affairs, as its president, but its activity seized during the Second World War. The present association was established in 1995. Professor Dr. Luigi de Anna who was elected President in the constitutive meeting has lead the organization ever since. The home town of the association is Turku but members are living all over the country.

The Finnish Paneuropean Union operates mainly by arranging lectures and seminars about various topics of current interest and by sending its representatives to participate in such occasions organized by others.

For further information on the Paneuropean Movement, please visit the website of the International Paneuropean Union or contact us.

The Finnish Section of the International Paneuropean Union
c/o Professor Luigi de Anna
Dept. of Italian Language and Culture
Henrikinkatu 2
FI-20014 University of Turku

Telephone +358 2 333 5355
Telefax +358 2 333 6560

Email fi(at)

Seminar 29.8.2008:
Pro Bono Europae: Christian caritative mission and Chivalric tradition in today’s Europe