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10 Years of Paneurope in Finland

Dear Paneuropeans of Finland,

I would like to thank all of you for the contributions you gave, in one way or the other, to the success of our celebrations of the tenth anniversary of the foundation of the Finnish Paneuropean Union, which we celebrated on the 22nd–23rd of September 2005. As you know, we had the pleasure of having with us, once again, the Executive Vice President, Dr. Walburga Douglas, who opened a very successful Seminar on Kosovo. The Seminar had a continuation in the Kosovo Declaration which the Finnish Paneuropean Union had prepared. The document, approved earlier by the board of the Finnish PEU, was read at the Seminar and sent, through Walburga Douglas, to the Presidency of the International PE Union with the request of making it its own. The document was received by the International President Alain Terrenoire with great interest.

The Festivities culminated in the dinner at the Officers' club of Turku, where, besides tasting excellent food and enjoying beautiful music, we, the old and new members, had the opportunity of socialising. Also some of the founding members of the Finnish PE Union were present.

Our hope is that after ten more years the Finnish Paneuropean Union shall be as alive as today. Modern Europe needs Paneuropean ideas and Paneuropeans need a modern Europe.

Luigi G. de Anna
Chairman of the Paneuropean Union of Finland

Kosovo Declaration

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